Fonds de dotation NEVER FORGET BIAFRA



The endowment fund called “NeverForgetBiafra” is a humanitarian, cultural and educational project which aims at reconsidering the Biafran conflict through the lives of refugee children, their families and all witnesses of the war (1967-1970). As such, it is a non-profit, non-denominational and non-political organization.

During the Biafran events, for the first time, French and European media covered the tragic situation experienced by refugee children; this set a precedent for humanitarian crisis management and the “right of interference”.

Regina Ubanatu lived in Biafra refugee camps. After a long identity quest, she told her story and conveyed her suffering in an autobiographical book entitled: La Petite fille qui dansait dans sa tête. This work, based on a long research and supported by a collection of testimonies, was praised by the media and the general public. It evokes with deep emotion a seldom remembered tragedy.
Regina Ubanatu was confirmed in her idea by the numerous witnesses who contacted her after her book was published. Thanks to the support and the commitment of some of these people, she decided to carry on this collective work of remembrance through the creation of an endowment fund.


The endowment fund is a first step towards the restoration of Nigeria’s humanitarian history.
Using funded or collected research, life stories, publications, testimonies etc., the “NeverForgetBiafra” endowment fund will offer an exchange and sharing platform, aiming to soothe the pains which have remained silent until now, restore forgotten identities, gather families scattered across the globe, and, in fine, help Nigeria to re-appropriate a common history which all could recognize and share.