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Neverforgetbiafra is an independent and non-profit, non-denominational and non-political endowment fund that aims to collect research, life stories, publications, testimonies etc. around the Biafra war and in so doing, facilitates this collective work of remembrance.

What we do ? The “NeverForgetBiafra” endowment fund offers an exchange and sharing platform, aiming to soothe the pains which have remained silent until now, restore forgotten identities, gather families scattered across the globe and acquire all the means to reach its goals: collection and dissemination of private and public archival material (documentary database, filmography, bibliography …), life stories and testimonies of the various actors with the support of researchers and historians.

The sum of collected documents will illustrate and comment the Biafra tragedy and will thus shed light on the humanitarian commitment which ensued.


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