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never forget biafra la petite fille qui dansait dans sa tête
Birth of the book

Birth of the book: “The Little Girl who danced in her head”

Three years after her birth in a rural hospital in Ihiala in 1965, Mary is evacuated to the Saint Mary Hospital in Gabon, away from the warfront, like so many kids, crammed together in military planes which take off on makeshift landing fields under constant bombardment. Malnutrition and hazardous flight conditions kill the weakest. Other children die shortly after arrival, unable to absorb any food. Mary has lost the use of her legs through ill health and malnutrition, and no one believes she would survive. Yet, even though she can only dance in her head, she has a formidable appetite for life. Aged five, she is transferred to France. After years in a medical institution in north-western France, going through several operations and physical rehabilitation, a new life begins for her in Garches, France, nearer to her foster family and her white brothers and sisters. Having been taken away from her family at a very tender age, she hardly remembers her early childhood. Then, suddenly, aged 12, she discovers that she has a family, another first name, a mother and father, and that indeed she also has brothers and sisters who are still alive and well. One desire keeps her going: that of meeting her family again and discovering her roots. Because, even though she is well looked after and loved by her foster parents and family, she feels that years away from her birthplace have made her a stranger…

The beginning of the endowment fund…

What let to the endowment fund was the autobiographical narrative:
“La petite fille qui dansait dans sa tête” (The little girl who danced in her ead) – Archipel Ed. (January 2010)
(Prefaced by Bernard Kouchner)

« I am linked to Regina’s story. To the story of her life, of her quest for identity and truth: a moving, poignant testimony. I might have shared in her survival, in her rescue, in what she has become today, and if this is the case, I am proud of it. […]

Biafra had a lifelong impact on me. It marked the start of my anger. It marked the start of my personal involvement on the African continent. It was where I discovered the meaning of humanitarian involvement, where I understood that interference is not negotiable but that it is a must. […]

Meeting Regina has reinforced my conviction that we never fight a losing battle, and that life is stronger than everything else. »


A graduate in Executive Master in Human Resources from Sciences-Po, Paris, Regina lives and works in the business district of La Defense. She is the founder of both the non-governmental organization (NGO) “Never Forget Biafra” and of the French association RIFH (Réponses Initiatives Femmes Handicapées) which works for the recognition and rights of disabled women.

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