Fonds de dotation NEVER FORGET BIAFRA



To carry out its research and help future generations to live peaceably and re-appropriate this part of their history, NeverforgetBiafra reserves the right to raise funds through donors, individuals and legal persons based in France and elsewhere. The funds raised will be exclusively dedicated to the carrying out of its projects.
NeverforgetBiafra will collect testimonies from refugees taken from various reception centers (Gabon, Ivory Coast …), from children adopted or sponsored at the end of the war and from witnesses of the events (journalists, clerics, humanitarian workers, donors, volunteers, etc.) who directly or indirectly contributed to the children’s survival.

NeverforgetBiafra will acquire all the means to reach its goals: collection and dissemination of private and public archival material (documentary database, filmography, bibliography …); life stories and testimonies of all the actors with the support of researchers and historians. The sum of collected documents will illustrate and comment the Biafra tragedy and will thus shed light on the humanitarian commitment which ensued.
The result of this research will be made available to the general public thanks to the creation of an internet site and of an exchange platform. The maintenance and the updating of the website NeverforgetBiafra will be provided by the fund.
Should some documents require to be translated, the fund might be able to take care of the writing, translation, dissemination and promotion of available work in English or in other languages, under specified conditions.
NeverforgetBiafra will take part, on request, in conferences, programmes, congresses and debates. These communicative events will contribute to disseminate the project. In this case, the benefits which might result from potentially charged services will have to be reallocated to the endowment fund of NeverforgetBiafra.

The founding members of the project willfully accept the founding values of NeverforgetBiafra and in return agree to receive no financial or material reward whether direct or indirect.